Mini, Maxi or Flapping

Dana dreviansky \ 13.05.2013
Dana dreviansky
Mini, Maxi or Flapping

It's here - The season for wearing a dress and looking amazing. But which dress should you choose?  There are so many cuts and styles. Here are some of the leading models:


1.Jalabiya Dresses

The favorite trend, beautiful and comfortable, inspired by the Persian Gulf. 

In Israel, designer Joseph Rozsi was busy during the Seventies, implementing Israeli motifs in the most fashionable clothes, and even came with a Jalabiya dress to the Metropolitan Museum in New York, reviewed as "the most Israeli" garment. 

Last year the trend began to sweep some daring fashion lovers, and this year the Jalabiya is one of the most flattering and favorite dress out there. Not as grandiose as the impressive Jalabiya dress that was worn by Illanit at the 1973's Eurovision song contest in Luxembourg (Dress Design: Rozi Ben-Yosef. The dress was designed around a piece of knitted fabric that belonged to Rozi's grandmother'), but a sweet Jalabiya dress, colorful, light and comfortable.

The Jalabiya dresses of 2013 are made of soft and comfortable fabrics; they are airy and show calves. Their colors are summery and happy; they do not cling to the body, but they're also not to loose. Their cut gives the body the illusion of length, because they do not cut it at the waistline. Recommended with flat shoes or Rocky heels. Enjoy.

2.Ruffles Dress
From New York's fashion week to Paris, on the covers of the best magazines and top runways – the Ruffles is one of the favorite and most beautiful trends this spring. According to the interpretation of the Gucci fashion house, and others – The Volans are no longer located only at the bottom of dresses like it used to be, but emerge up to the sleeves and sides. Try Googling 'oversized ruffles' and you'll see some beautiful things. The new Volan dresses are excellent for events. They are festive, special and appropriate when you want to get away from daily wear and wear something special.
Imagine yourself dancing with these dresses at seaside events, with a light breeze softly fluttering the Ruffles , adding some more dance moves. Looks great!
3.Square cut dresses
Flattering, colorful and not highlighting the belly and waist area. These dresses go down to knee length and they come in colors you wear only during summertime, like Peach or Lemon for example. Great with heels.
4. Maxi Dresses
Very loved in Israel. Favored by those who do not want to show legs out of modesty or simply because they decided that way. Preferred also by those who want to feel comfortable during the evening in a relatively loose dress, without being too conscious about their body. The longitudinal stripes patterns are inspired by the Seventies, free festivals in Europe and even vacations in Achziv or Nuweiba. Have fun with it.